Profile of Piraeus Vocational Training Institute

The Institute of Vocational Training (IEK) of Piraeus, has been operating since 1992. Today, it provides post-secondary vocational training for young people aged 18+, who want to enter the competitive labour market as well as experienced employees, helping them develop skills and gain new qualifications to enhance their professional implementation prospects.
For the current training year, with the help of 150 highly qualified trainers/instructors and the members of the administrative staff, VTI (IEK) of Piraeus has been running 29 classes and providing vocational training for 800 trainees in many sectors of professional occupation: Business Management and Administration, Information Technologies, Tourism and Catering Business Management, Graphics Design and Applied Arts, Journalism, Culinary and Pastry Art, Maritime Management and Administration,Skippers, Logistics, Accountancy, Fashion Style Design and Hair Style Design, Pharmacy and Cosmetics Industry Assistance, etc. Trainees, after graduating four semesters education course, are successfully hired by public entities or private companies for six months placement practice. Passing State Certification Accreditation Exams, they are awarded with the Accredited Certificate of Vocational Training recognized both in Greece and abroad (level 5 in European Qualifications Framework- EQF) that gives them great opportunity to continue their professional career.
VTI (IEK) of Piraeus facilitates four well-equipped IT workshops, a multi-purpose auditorium for lectures, seminars, theatrical performances and musical events, while special purpose workshops (engineering, electrical, electronics, automobile engineering, microbiology, construction, hairdressing, fashion, etc) are located at the co-accommodated Laboratory Center. Culinary and Pastry Chefs workshop master-classes are performed at the Kitchen of the State University of Athens Hostel as well as at the distinguished private Greek taverns and restaurants.
VTI (IEK) of Piraeus has rather extensive experience of participation in European-LLP-LDV-and Erasmus+ programs organized for people undergoing initial Vocational Training.
Thus, within last four years, a committee/ department of European Programs has been set up at VTI (IEK) of Piraeus. It is responsible for all the issues concerning the search, investigation, formulation, drafting, training, approval, participation and monitoring the implementation of specific programs related to the Professional Education and Training and funded, partially or fully, from the Budget of the European Union. In these programs, our institution can also participate in cooperation with other inland institutions or foreign ones. Within the framework of these responsibilities, the Department develops a system for the monitoring of administrative, financial and operational data and monitoring each of its current programs. Besides, it is responsible for the completion of the final report of the participants through the Mobility Tool and issue of the final report.
The administration of VTI(IEK)of Piraeus always supports the trainers' initiatives for the implementation of innovative projects, educational excursions to professional venues, visits to exhibitions and museums as well as volunteer participation in non-profit social events. Thus, VTI of Piraeus assists to "open the door’’ to the challenging world of competition.
More than 10.000 young people have graduated from our Institute and it still continues to be consciously chosen and trusted by many young people wishing to become cognitively self-sufficient and professionally qualified to enforce the harsh competitive environment of today's rapidly changing labor market. The special purpose vocational courses run in the current training year are the following:
  1. Computer Technician
  2. Computer Software Technician
  3. Art Fashion Design Technician
  4. Maritime Business And Administration
  5. Logistics
  6. Tourism Management And Administration
  7. Hotels And Catering Trade Technical Assistant (Front Of House Service Technical Assistant)
  8. Culinary Art Technician (Chef)
  9. Bakery And Confectionary Art Technician (Pastry Chef)
  10. Pharmacy Assistant
  11. Medicine And Cosmetics Goods Technician
  12. Hair Style Art Design Technician
  13. Skippers
  14. Applied Graphic Arts Design (Type And Electronic Media)
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